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Scott Hattox is a 41 year old San Diego artist. He has always had an insatiable hunger for comics, animation and science fiction – the dominating subjects of his portfolio. In his 20’s he developed a habit of gifting his friends with personalized anime portraits, turning their likenesses, hobbies, and personalities into character paintings. Word spread and he was inundated with commissions which now reside in homes from The Virgin Islands to Moscow to Vienna. Anime became his most skilled technique.


Scott spent his 30’s exploring the country and exploring new artistic avenues, including pet portraits, landscapes, street art, business logo design and wall mural for home and business. Eventually, his heart brought him back to the subjects of his soul – comics, cartoons and science fiction. He re-focused his efforts on the muses of his childhood and was offered a private artist’s studio in Rancho Bernardo, affording him the opportunity to create art on a daily basis.


Scott has recently found a wealth of inspiration in the resurgence of a Star Wars culture, and has made the icons of the saga the subject of the bulk of his modern material. His current work tends to be large-scale acrylic painting, and panel work – often with several thematic panels creating one overall piece of art. His long, horizontal panel paintings of eyes could be considered his signature style.
His art has been seen in San Diego exhibits such as RAW Artists San Diego and La Bodega gallery. His work is also displayed for sale in the lobbies of local businesses. In 2016 Scott will be exhibiting on “Artists’ Row” for the entire 5 day duration of Comic-Con. He still produces commissioned anime portraits, still gifts his friends and family with art, and still watches cartoons on a daily basis.